With G.P. Surgeries under pressure, could hypnosis help?

I’ve been reading a lot this week about the unfortunate pressure that our  NHS is under, and interestingly enough, although there is for (most of us)a two week wait for a doctor’s appointment, it would seem that the underfunding, or lack of money is causing  further problems.  

This does leave most of us thinking, that as we age, or indeed as our parents and grandparents age, is there going to be enough on offer, in time for them to be seen to, and recover if need be.  With this question in mind, most people are now turning to holistic and complementary therapies in an attempt to not only get seen faster, but given that many of us do not have health insurance, a few sessions is a much cheaper and faster as a way of getting some form of help.

When we feel like we have been given little option, or put into a corner, often we feel so much better when we take action.  The action of booking an appointment with a therapist, often helps people to gain a sense of real power, as they can take back some form of control over what is worrying them.

Hypnotherapy isn’t the answer to everything no, but it is a start, as many of us now realise that the mind is running all systems.  This is extremely useful and powerful in as much as you can tap into your subconscious mind and find many answers as to why or how the current issue you may be suffering from has come about.  

As time goes by, many professions are beginning to wake up to the fact, that the mind can create illness over a period of time, by bringing into physical form, via the emotions.  When we are constantly pressured, anxious, stressed and cornered by situations that seem to be out of our control, combined with childhood traumas, negative messages from parents, teachers, siblings etc… we not only have those negative messages to deal with, but also the belief systems behind them, and of course our current environment may be far from ideal.

To give you an example of how powerfully destructive belief and habits can be.  I want you to take a minute, to think of someone you may know or who have known in the past, who has the ability to absolutely believe that they are ill, especially when someone else has become ill.  I think at some point we have all known someone in the family or someone who we have met, that has this ability to become unwell just as soon as they have heard that someone else is poorly who is close to them.

Of course we will never truly know if that person is genuinely poorly or not, but the point is here, is the power of suggestion in our everyday lives.  We can literally suggest to ourselves, that through witnessing someone else being ill, that we can catch that illness almost immediately.  In some cases, it isn’t always an illness that can be caught, but a condition that we suggest to ourselves also, such as I.B.S. symptoms for example, which may be caused through something as simple as addressing the stress in your life, and why and how you decode that stress in your mind.

Equally, when drug companies ask people to sign up to take part in drug trials, there has to be a “dud” drug that is used on some of those people, in order to compare it’s effectiveness to the real drug being used.  In most cases, there will not be a huge difference, between the people who have said “yes my headache is now gone” (who have used the drug), to those who took a drug with absolutely nothing in it.  This proves that our mind does have the ability to heal itself.  We can literally convince ourselves of being well as well as being unwell.

In fact, have you ever met an elderly person who has smoked and drunk all their lives, but are still able to walk to the shops, function well, enjoy life?  I have.  Do you think this is just down to genetics? or luck, or to their laid back , or get up and get on it attitude.  Of course the choice is yours as to what you wish to believe, but ask yourself, are your beliefs serving you well, or slowly pulling you down?  Which option works for you.

When people are depressed, they can feel disconnected from their true passions in life, and indeed disconnected from their own body.  If we are unable to connect on any level, then we are unable to understand our symptoms and how they are caused by the mind’s natural response to unresolved conflicts from our past or in our current environment, and so the illness and dis-ease in our lives continues.

If you are interested in this topic then you may find Dr Bruce Liptons findings especially intriguing.  Go to https://youtu.be/zwOvg1rJfcM

If you are currently going through a hard time, or suffering with an on going condition and have tried everything else, then what have you got to lose?  simply give me a call for a no obligational chat, in confidence about what clinical hypnosis and E.F.T could do for you.


In the meantime make the most of your day!




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Do you need to lose weight now?

If you are considering seeing a hypnotherapist for overeating, then you may wish to consider making a list before you see your therapist to help point out as to why you may consider yourself to be eating so much. Of course, we all need nourishment, we just need to discover the healthiest and happiest way to nourish ourselves, without the extra weight being attached…

When you see a hypnotherapist for weight loss they will ask you lots of questions about when you eat, what you eat, what triggers you to reach for food when you are not hungry, or how often you unconsciously polish off a packet of biscuits and avoid doing exercise. This is because your hypnotherapist is not just using hypnosis during session, but is also using analytical psychotherapy especially if they are deemed to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist, who are most probably listed with a governing body such as the N.C.H.

They will then put together a programme of treatment that will motivate you to exercise more, and eat less. Hypnotherapy combined with E.F.T. for weight loss is a very powerful tool, and is about changing your habit with food for the rest of your life, so unlike crash diets it changes the root of your compulsive eating or lack of interest in exercise so you are free to enjoy the rest of your life – eating and exercising sensibly without having to think about it.

For some, there is a concern that they will have to starve themselves somehow or do 50 laps of swimming at their local pool. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, all you need to is to ensure that your body is accepting the right kind of nourishment and nutrition, as well as just increasing movement, be it a little more housework or general walking during the day. All of this counts as a plus towards a healthy lifestyle, just as long as it is more than what you are doing now.

However, there are some clients I have met, who live very busy lives, and in fact are moving all of the time at work. Usually the problem here is stress, as stress literally does make you hold onto the extra weight, while giving you an emotional itch whereby you want to eat more food that makes you feel better, and foods that you will eventually come to crave.

If you only had one rule for yourself, in order to drop weight away quickly, then for most people it would be to deal with their stress, get decent sleep and eat less. The exercise is just part of a weight loss solution.

To have your very own programs designed, for your own unique therapy, please contact me directly on 07898 230000 where we can have a discrete, informal and non obligational chat about your wants and needs. All information is kept as confidential, and all therapy is held within a safe, quiet and non judgemental space.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Take care

Joanna Knight Clinical Hypnotherapist at the Amber Zone Health Clinic in Maidenhead Berks



So, your feeling that familiar feeling of the Christmas come down, and the dank coolness of the January temperatures, and although our nights are getting lighter by around 1 minute per night (well it’s something) we can sometimes loose site of the lull that we can often slip into through the winter months.   
Growing up for me consisted of working around my ever suffering mum, who sadly showed strong symtpoms of depression, anxiety and sad syndrome.  At the time little was known about S.A.D. and yet we would mully on through, trying our best to help her with her low mood, and lack of energy.
Over time, (and yes even to this present day) I am always looking for answers, and through that process have come up with some solutions of my own that do work, and as a therapist, it is my job to experiment with what could hold the key to having more energy, more life and more motivation to move you forward into a life that is rewarding and fun!
Winter of course feels cold, sharp, damp and bleak for alot of us, and yet there is a crispness in the air that offers a sparkle of hope for the months ahead.  So, rather than slide away into a feeling of bleakness, and lethargy, why not try out some of my hot tried and tested tips, to overcome your winter wobble!
Now you have to be willing, that is all to give these a go, and note in your diary each day over 10 days to see how you feel.  If for any reason, you do not want to participate in one of my suggestions then just go over your favourites again.
  • Day 1    Pick one to three points in your day, (this does depend on your lifestyle) just for 10-20 minutes each, when you think you will be undisturbed, and free.  Pencil them out as “your time in your diary” and commit to you!  These parts of your day are now owned by you, and  you are time rich, be it for 10 minutes or a collation of 20 mins x 3 =1 hour per day!  Now see how you feel, being Time Rich! This is you asserting yourself to deserving you time.  Now with your first day, I want you to just simply sit and BREATH in through your nose an imaginary White Light, then hold it for 2 seconds before releasing through your mouth, and as you do imagine that you are letting go of a thick dirty dark smog of negative and low mood.  Do this for just 1-2 mins to begin with, gradually building up to 5 mins.  Then rest, and for the rest of the time, breath normally, still imagining now that you are filling up with bright summertime light!  At the end of day 1 note your mood.
  • Day 2   Breath as above for 2-3 mins, or as long as you enjoy, but with the rest of your allocated time, take a note book, and note down how you are feeling to begin with as opposed to how you are starting to feel.  Then I want you to write down something you would like to be grateful for in your future, and 1 thing that you are currently grateful for.  This can be absolutely anything.
  • Day 3    Now I want you to play a piece of music that uplifts you.  Not a piece that brings sad memories but a piece that is upbeat, has fun lyrics, and a feel good factor.  Do this while daydreaming and breathing in your white bright light, and letting go of the dark, dank energy you have been carrying around with you.  I would suggest a playlist, and a song that is short, sweet and is only around 3-4 minutes long.  You can even add that music to your phone as a ringtone!    At the end of the song if you have time, take out your notebook, and note down any changes in mood and do grattitude exercise.  Remember, you can always carry over these techniques to your next time slot!
  • Day 4   On day 4, I want you to think of a smell that pleases you (but isn’t going to make you eat more if you have a weight issue) so a smell that feels light, a smell that feels like summer time, or the seaside, or freshness, spring cleaning, anything that pleases you.  Now, here is the slightly tricky bit, I want you to either spray that smell in the air around you, or dab it (if safe) on your inner palms, or pulse points.  The idea here is to include your smell receptors which are linked to happy memories and mood.  If you don’t recall happy times, then just go with what is nice, pleasing and easy.  Then do above techniques in whatever order feels good to you from this point.
  • Day 5   Today I want you to get hold of a nice face or body cream, or something that has a pleasing, light and easy texture, and apply it to your hands.  The feeling of touch is very important, so spend a few minutes rubbing a soft, light cream into your hands or even up your neck from the chest area.  This will calm you, but make you feel nourished.  It also has associations with putting on sun cream and the touch element will help sooth your mood.  Add other techniques in whatever order and time slot you wish to.  Remember it is about what feels good to you the most!
  • Day 6   Today is real fun, as I want you to treat yourself to a light, summertime soft drink, or a piece of fruit that we link to summertime.  This could be slices of apple, or a drink of lemon barley water, or orange juice.  Now for the fun part!  Sip it slowly, really slowly while eyes closed.  Swirl the liquid in your mouth and really endulge your tastebuds, and enjoy it!  Then you can either do your breathing, or do this while listening to your happy music, or then add your cream to your hands, neck, or chest.  Mix it up a little and finish off with your grattitude book.
  • Day 7   As we have reached a final day in just 1 week of your life, I want you to simply choose a really bright and pleasing coloured pen, and write down 1-2 things that are good about you, or that you do appreciate about yourself.  This could be a strengh, a perception, a compliment, an achievement absolutely anything but it has to be positive.  Now stick it somewhere that you can notice it.  Inside your wardrobe, in your car, on your fridge perhaps.  Then mix and match other techniques to this exercise, and note your mood at the end of your day!  ideally you should be able to fit all techniques in, and treating them like fun, not a must do.
  • Day 8   You can choose whatever from above you wish to on day 8, but at some point during your allocated time, I want you to look at some positive traits that you have inherited from your parents or peers.  Choose just 1 thing from each person, and jot it down.
  • Day 9  Again now, you can choose whatever you want to do in whatever order, as by now you would have found what does work for you most, but I want you now to find time to just doodle a summertime picture.  This isn’t about you being a great artist, but instead your perception in change of mood.  I want you to make this picture as happy and fun as you can possibly make it.  Make it bright, add colour, even frame it if you want, but just enjoy playing with this….no pressure.
  • Day 10   Take a very happy and pleasing image from a magazine, or the net and paste it into your book of notes and grattitude and other bits you have been doing so far.  This could be an image of loved one’s, or a hobbie you have been thinking of taking up that looks fun, home ideas and lovely summer colours, a new car anything at all!  But it has to be pleasing.  Add this to your breathing exercise but this time you are breathing in that image that is pleasing to you.  Remember you can also add smell to this, and note your grattitude and mood after.
Just 10 days to a change in your state, your mood, your world.  A commitment to you is all about you taking you seriously as well as your needs and desires, and being brave enough to give things a try without judgement, pressure or condition.
When life gets challenging, we have a choice, we can either sink or swim.  While my mother was ill, I recall how very flat she was, and that something as simple as a change in sensation to her world, could calm her down or lift her up.  This blog is about low mood in need of lifting, BUT if you are in a state of high anxiety then I have other techniques that can be of use.  Please contact me for either a chat or a hypnosis session whereby I can help you on a professional level.
In the meantime have fun with treating yourself to being time rich, and mood enhanced.
And to add to some yummy, organic treats for your skin, hair and body, why not order something just for you, at my website for health with Neals Yard Organics.  https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/joannaknight/area/login/
Or to give you an alternative view on life and it’s challenges take a look at my book from this website www.1stsuccess.com 
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You have a whole new year ahead of you, what will you do with your time in 2017!

You have a whole New Year ahead of you… 

So what will you invest your time in this year?

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I just love big questions don’t you? as they tend to lead us to change, and change my friend is a good thing!

Lately, I have seen a few clients who have suffered the unfortunate event of having had a full blown Panic Attack, and yes it is supposed to be something that can mimic a heart attack, not nice at all. Naturally once you have experienced something like this, you then have it playing on your mind like a recorded reminder of a nasty event that you would rather avoid, but somehow it grows bigger and bigger over time. Fingers crossed that it won’t happen again of course.


Funnily enough, many people who suffer from different forms of anxiety, also tend to dread any situation that involve change, but as I said before change is a good thing, as it stretches the mind, the body and the soul.  Change leads us to new things, it can open doors and help us to evolve, so why do we dread something that happens in small ways everyday anyway?

Take a look outside your window now and you will see a change in seasons, weather, the day!  Life IS change, made anew every morning.  When any of us get stressed, the sad thing is that we are spending our time on something that may never happen.  When we worry, we spend our energy on the land of “might and maybe” as I tell my clients.  So why worry?

Worry tends to be a learnt form of thinking, and if we watch the bad news all day every day then guess what?  Yep, we tend to over worry, and analyse things that we would be better of not giving our attention to.

So, what will you decide to spend your hard earnt time on this year I wonder.  If there is something in  your life, that is making you feel miserable? is it time to let it go?  Be it a relationship, a job, a friend, an accommodation or a way of life.

I always think that taking time for you is so important for your development and happiness.  After all, if you don’t take the time to ask yourself what you DO want, then who else will?

At this moment in time,  do you want to lose a little weight, get healthier?  Would you like to stop a bad habit such as smoking or nail biting?  maybe you would love to fly on a plane but suffer from anxiety, or you want that big job with more money but lack the confidence and drive to see it through?  and what about relationships, do you want to get ahead and find that perfect partner, or pass your driving test with flying colours?  are you ready to make more money and be deserving of success!

What we don’t realise, is that the mind is a wonderful thing, a tool that can be used by us, for us.  If you have decided that you have had enough of your time being robbed from you with having worried or stopped yourself from really living and experiencing your life, then now is the time to invest, and make a serious investment in committing to you, and your dreams.

The good news is that today more than ever, there are more mind tools out there to help us to get to where we want to be in life.  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Stress Management Consultant and Coach I can offer you N.L.P. techniques as well as other healing modalities that can shift out old negative emotions that are stopping you from getting what you deserve and want, such as E.F.T. or Matrix therapy, as well as Relaxation techniques, Emotrance and much more…

If the time is now for you, then please contact me today for a short, informal and non obligational chat, and I will answer any questions you may have.

In the meantime, have a great day! and remember, you are worth investing in, always!

Take a peek at my website at www.1stsuccess.com or contact me 07898 230000

Much love

Joanna x


Do you have habits you want to overcome with hypnosis?




Quite often in life,  we are constantly being sent messages from family, and sometimes the media telling us that we must mend our ways if we want to be healthier and live longer,  and the surest way to do this is to eliminate unwanted habits, and destructive patterns  from our life.

Habits such as overeating or smoking are the most common, but there are many other behaviors that affect people’s lives, whichnhave the abilty to make them unhappy, or cause a risk to their health, and the health of loved one’s around them.” Using hypnotherapy, you can literally re train your mind to safeguard yourself in ways that are healthy and life enhancing,  which allow you succeed and grow stronger in mind and body.  “It really can be that easy,  and all you need is to  just  be willing to believe that you can.

Hypnotherapy works effectively with bad habits, emotional blocks and cycles of behavior, because it works directly with your subconscious mind, bypassing the critical mind and getting to the root of the issue, so that changes can be made that support your goals quickly and efficiently.

Because we know this, as therapists it is often a huge source of pleasure to see when a client literally turns their life around, as they begin to look forward to life once again, and the positive changes that therapy can bring.

If you would like to have an informal, confidential and no obligational chat about hypnosis and what it can do for you, then just contact Joanna directly.

Or why not check out our facebook page for regular updates and news on what is going on…..https://www.facebook.com/1stsuccesscom/  or why not check us out on our main website www.1stsuccess.com

Joanna Knight is also a certified member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists and operates her clinic in Berkshire from The Amber zone Complimentary Clinic in Maidenhead Berkshire.

Here is a short explanation of what hypnosis can do for you…..

Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists
Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists

Are you aging much faster than you need to?

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Did you know that the mind is the most effective tool that you have in regard to the aging process?

Over the years many of us have tried various ointment treatments, expensive creams and serums, that may feel nice on the skin and offer a temporary solution, but all too often, will not provide us with what sits at the core of aging itself. On average we place over 500-600 chemicals upon our bodies every single day, many of which are absorbed into the skin and then into our blood stream. These toxic chemicals are not naturally recognised by our liver, while the body has to work out how to eliminate these chemicals from our system. So surely there has to be a better, more natural way to getting healthier more youthful body and face?

This is where hypnotherapy, as well as tools such as NLP and EFT can be an ideal and alternative solution, as it has been scientifially proven, that by changing the words you use, and the pictures you make in your mind, you can literally change your biological age! this is because our unconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination, and therefore can be instructed to create a new belief system, that can co operate with your wishes.

As an example why don’t you try listening to the words you use, do you find yourself saying….. ah well, its my age’, or, ‘I’m having a senior moment’, or ‘I’m too old for this’. Your inner mind is listening, and logging every word you say, and one of its primary functions is to give you what it thinks you want. If you keep instructing your mind that you are old, your memory is failing, you have awful wrinkles, etc., it will give you all these things on an automatic basis. So by challenging our belief system, and beginning to change the words we use, and pictures we make then we can create new and positive youth affirming and empowering affirmations. For example, something more useful would be something like…. ‘I have a brilliant memory’ ‘every day, and I’m looking younger and healthier’.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way to re-wire your brain quickly and effectively. Fast tracking powerful and permanent change.

The cells within you have a intelligence of their own, and we can regenerate those cells and start to reverse the ageing process. Our body is constantly rejuvenating and repairing, we develop new skin every month, and it is documented that our body will almost completely replicate itself between every 7-10 years. Why such a wide gap? because there are some in the scientific world who are still arguing as to how quickly the body does replicate itself from top to toe, but the point here is, that we DO manage to do it. Could it be that some people replciate faster than others because of their mindset? mmm, I do wonder!

Dr Ellen Langer, a Harvard Professor did some very interesting research to find out if changing our thought patterns could slow ageing. “Everybody knows in some way that our minds affect our physical being, but I don’t think people are aware of just how profound the effect actually is,” she says. This experiment was replicated by the BBC in a programme in 2010. In just seven days the effects were quite remarkable. What wonderful news!!

Hypnosis is an excellent way to quickly and easily re-programme your unwanted conditioning and beliefs and help you re-create a younger, healthier body safely and naturally, especially as hyposis is a gentle and non invasive therapy.
If you would like to make an appointment with me today to discuss anti aging hypnosis further then do please get in touch and I will be happy to help to make your dreams come true.

Until then, have a brilliant day! Joanna x

Joanna Knight



Writing a new chapter for your life starting today!

When people come for hypnotherapy, I am often their last resort.  After all else has failed, they are finally in a place of openess which is exactly where they need to be in order to challenge what is disrupting their life.

The magical thing is here, is that most of us don’t even realise that we are running the show, as we fall into a place of victim hood. The reality is, we have far more choice than we realise.  Often people will place their belief around luck, or the past, and believe that life will always be a certain way.  The truth is however, that it doesn’t have to be!  Remember, you have a brain that is capable of coming up with ideas, solutions and the most wonderful new creations.  Your mind is where you hold your power.  Set it free!

Below is a simple 5 stage principle for re writing your own future, and a way for you to begin to open your mind to the possibility of a new chapter you.  Enjoy, having a go…

colourful brain

  • FIND A PEACEFUL SPACE  Begin by sitting down in an un interupted and quiet space, and take a few moments to breath deeply, and relax.  As you do this, just close your eyes, and allow your mind to wander and reflect on all of the things you have overcome in the past, and all of the things that you have achieved in the past…no matter how small.  This phase is the reflective phase, and if you stay with it, you will dig out far more than you thought you could
  • LEARNING FROM REFLECTION After around 10-15 minutes, take a note pad and jot down what you had remembered.  As you do this, do not allow the past to effect your state or mood, remember it is just an exercise.  All you are doing, is writing down what you have achieved on any scale, and during any time in your life.
  • TAKING NOTE OF YOUR SKILLS Take another few deep breaths, and making sure you are still as relaxed as you can be, note from your list, the skills and capacity that you have, for learning, and over coming obstacles.  Notice even the smallest triumpth that you have had, and any differences to the lives of loved one’s that you may have had also.
  • DAYDREAM, DAYDREAM, DAYDREAM In a relaxed state, now close your eyes once again, and breath deeply.  Feel your whole body relax, and give yourself another 10-15 minutes while you go wild and day dream… think of all the things you loved as a child, and all the things that interested you, that you were good at, or even not so good at, but wanted to try anyway.  Now continue dreaming into the now, the future, about all the things you could do if money were no object.  Dream about all the things you would do and offer for free if you had no restrictions at all.  Take as long as you like on this investment process.
  • CREATING A BLUEPRINT FOR YOUR FUTURE After this, now take your note pad again, and begin jotting down all the things you thought of that made you feel good inside.  Then write 3 simple lists….no 1 the impossible dreams list, (well just for now) no 2 the semi possible dreams, and no 3 the dreams that could happen if you work on them starting now.  Then starting with your no 3 list, sit back for another 5 mins, and just meditate on the first priority on the top of that list.  Remembering that life is for living.  As you do this, notice how you are beginning to form possibilites in your mind.  At this point, start writing a short chapter on what happens next in your life from this new standpoint.  At the end, notice the difference, from the person  you started out as, and the new creative strenghts and mind power you now have.  Make a list of 3 small steps to begin you on your journey.  The rest is up to you.  Have fun!

Sound too difficult?  Really it’s not.  Just take a little time, and put it aside for you.  This process is an important part of your evolution and happiness.  If for instance I wanted to depserately start finding a way to ride a horse, or go on a certain training course, or travel somewhere that I have always wanted to go because of internal reasons, I would begin by writing up the perfect scenario, whereby chances, luck and my mind being open to not missing any opportunites for what I want would open up.

Please remember, that when you are attuned to what you desire, your subconcious mind and your own creative genius will work in a way that serves you.  Suddently you might begin buying magazines about the subject, having written down your dream already.  You may even start behaving in a way that a well traveled person would, asking all the right questions, and researching all the areas that you need to in order for your dream to manifest.

You will be attuned to hearing conversations or even bring them up around people who you know will want to help you.  You may find yourself suddently mixing with people who also have your desire, and so you gather more information, and chances to experience what you do want, rather than what you dont’ want.

Your mind, once prepared, will serve you in ingenious ways.  Allow yourself the time today, to form a mind map to success and happiness!  Believe, because it can be done.

For any help with forming your mind map, meditation, hypnosis or coaching…. just give me a call where I will be more than happy to help you.  07898 230000 or just mail me on joann@1stsuccess.com

Is it time for you to win at Weight loss?

Time to Win At Weight Loss…

Come Summer, it’s natural that some of us start to think more about our weight. Did you want to lose a few pounds before your summer holiday? Were you hoping to be a little slimmer when fitting into last years summer clothes?
Weight and weight loss can be a struggle. But I’d like to offer you a service that means it doesn’t have to be a battle you can’t win. Let me help you feel good all year round…

What you can expect during a  hypnotherapy session with me:

  • To release past experiences that may be holding you back from losing weight.
  • To learn how to visualise your goal.
  • A re-education on food and your relationship to food, helping you to realise and let go of emotional eating patterns or attachments.
  • Confidence and self esteem are aided during hypnosis, so this elevates your chances to lose weight.
  • To gain insight into yourself and your belief systems around food and family, as well as the labels you may have received in the past.
  • To learn about the connection between weight and stress.
  • To release yourself from comfort or boredom eating for all the right reasons.
  • To realise that you do not need to diet, and can still lose weight effectively.

 I’m always happy to be contacted for a no obligation chat, just give me a call or send me a text/email to talk about Hypnosis and just how it can help you.

Be Your Own 1st Success
 Joanna Knight DHP/MASC DIP
Turning challenge into excellence
Contact 01628 780470 or 07898 230000

How to get your life working with Hypnosis

Life can be busy, so is it any wonder that we lack the time or energy to address habits and behaviours that can block us from our true happiness?  Luckily help is at hand in the form of hypnotherapy and NLP, whereby you can overcome bad habits, or obstacles that seem to be holding you back from your true potential.  For some, the challenge is to become healthier, and so Stopping Smoking/ Weight Loss or Motivation for Exercise becomes a priority.  For others, relationship issues need to be addressed, within areas such as Self Esteem/Anger Management, Assertiveness or Confident Charisma that can help put the spark back into our love life.

I have even seen clients who want to sort out their financial arrangements and careers due to past poverty thinking, or subconcious blocks and beliefs, that unfortuantely places them at a disadvantage when it comes to asking for wage increases for instance, or aiming high within a new job role or interview, self employment or a renewed career sector.  Like anyting finances go to those who believe that they are deserving, and those who believe in their ability to succeed.

Of course, there are so many life areas that we could address, as life doesn’t just stop at love, health and weatlh.  There are also times, when we need a little help with the stresses and stains of life, with demands from work, family and relationships in all forms, including the relationship we have with ourselves for instance.  This includes trusting ourselves to be able to cope with certain things, such as being able to get on a plane and fly across to a holiday destination without that phobic feeling that can potentially ruin our experiences of flying in the first place.

When anyting stops us from having a good time, and really enjoying life then surely we have to stop and ask some questions.  If we are carrying too much weight and it stops us from living then it needs to be addressed.  If we are jealous to the point of pushing our partner away, or we are crippled by a lack of confidence to really go for something we want, then again it needs to be addressed.

Hypnotherapy works, simply because it removes the blocks that stand in our way or progress, and living the life we deserve and the life we want.  What’s stopping you now from enjoying your life?  What block stands in your way?  These are just some of the very simple and direct questions that can lead to ultimate success.

Let 1st Success Hypnotherapy lead the way.



Are You Ready for That Big Magical Change in 2016?

Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists
Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists

Are you ready for that big magical change in 2016?

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Time for Change Comes To All, When We Are Ready
I know what it is like to struggle with an ingrained habit or lifestyle choice that ruins your plans, but change needn’t be scary nor difficult. If you have decided that you have had enough of Smoking, Anxiety, Over Eating, Drinking too much, Addictions or cycles of Unacceptable Behaviours that seem to be running your life, limiting your happiness, relationships, Career and potential, then now it the time to act. Just make that decision today, and follow it with action.
But first… Just How BIG is your want?  Ask yourself this question using a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most wanted. So, if you want to be relaxed while speaking and presenting to the whole office and advance your career, just how much do you want it….Or if you want to be slimmer, fitter and leaner, can you picture that for yourself, and how much do you want it, and why? By asking these questions you will have a clearer frame of mind before you come to see me, and know exactly what you want for your life, and why.
Do you feel deserving of a Positive Change in your life, and are you ready for it?  Quite often I will get the occasion client at my clinic who will have an unknown emotional block on really wanting to go for what they realise deep down would make them happy. When this happens it can be because they do not feel that they are deserving of something good happening to them, and that everyones else happiness comes first. In my professional opinon as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, this could not be further from the truth in helping the family dynamic. Often when you give too much of yourself, you become emotionally tired, drained and weakened, and are of less use to those who need your help, not only that, but often others fail to take personal responsability for their own happiness, if we step in too often to do things for them. Taking care of yourself, is just as important as taking care of others.
Being ready for postive change, is realising that if you Stop Smoking for instance and you live with someone who refuses to Stop Smoking themselves, then they may be non too pleased at your Success! The same goes for Weight Loss, as the weeks roll by your weight will be rolling off, but if you are living around those who refuse to support you in your new life, or they want to eat out most nights, or go for drinks, then you must be prepared that as your life changes, this will also have an inpact upon theirs. Being ready for change, is realisng that your choice belongs to you, and you deserve to make the most of your life.
Can you really become more confident and relaxed with these new choices?   With hypnosis anything is possible, and so if your want and intention are there, and it is important to you to be and feel more confident for that new job interview you wanted, or more relaxed while you give a presentation at work in order to advance your careeer, or go on a new date with someone gorgeous then yes, you can be, and you will be. In the end, the choice as always is yours.
If you are ready for that change, then just contact me directly, and I will help you to create the life you want.
Joanna knight
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker, EFT Practitioner and Emotional Coach